Can you buy tickets in physical format?2023-03-06T17:23:46+02:00

We only sell through this virtual store, there is no physical sale of tickets. Depending on the availability of tickets and the venue, they will be sold at the entrance of the venue on the days of the event.

How can I pay for my order?2023-01-30T17:23:11+02:00

Payments by credit / debit card and Bizum are accepted.

I have had a problem with an order. How can I solve that?2022-12-20T15:52:08+02:00

If you have any incident when placing your order, or once it is done, you can contact us by writing to tienda@japanweekend.com, indicating as much information as possible (order number, products, contact email...) and we will do everything possible to solve it in the shortest possible time.

Can I use the ticket if it is in someone else's name?2022-12-23T10:03:45+02:00

Yes, the tickets are not nominal, you can enter with a ticket in the name of another person.

Do children need a ticket?2022-12-23T10:06:17+02:00

Children under 7 years of age (6 years or less) do not need a ticket (in this case you must bring documentation proving age, it may be required at the entrance). The rest need input.

Is there a discount for large families, disabilities...?2023-01-18T10:03:48+02:00

No, right now there is no such discount.

Do I have to enter at the exact time indicated on the ticket?2022-12-23T10:08:23+02:00

The time that the entry marks is the time from which you can enter, you can enter later than that time but not before.

Can the tickets be returned?2022-12-23T10:09:27+02:00

No, tickets cannot be returned. As they are not nominal, they can be used by other people.

Can changes be made to the tickets, day or time?2022-12-23T10:10:42+02:00

Unless otherwise indicated in the event conditions, no time or day changes can be made.

Can the Youth Cultural Voucher be used to buy Japan Weekend tickets?2023-02-07T10:58:42+02:00

No, the cultural voucher cannot be used to buy tickets.

Can you enter the event with swords, replica weapons, airsoft weapons...?2023-02-08T12:51:47+02:00

Entry with metal weapons (with or without edge), blunt or sharp (wood and plastic included) is not allowed.

Neither are airsoft guns or replicas.

What does the Anti-Crisis entry consist of?2023-03-06T17:25:58+02:00

The Anti-Crisis ticket includes a manga or film that is collected at the event itself (exclusively on the day of the ticket). The list of available manga and movies can be seen in the item description.

Is there a discount with the Carnet Jove?2023-09-11T12:13:56+02:00

For the Barcelona edition, there is a 10% discount with the Carnet Jove for General admission.

It is necessary to show the Carnet Jove and the DNI at the entrance to be able to access with this type of ticket.


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