Ticket purchase conditions


We have prepared these ticket purchase conditions with the aim of making your purchase process satisfactory and understandable. We attend to queries related to the purchase of tickets in tienda@japanweekend.com.

Japan Weekend Tickets is an online purchase service, available 24 hours a day, integrated into the Japan Weekend online store, where you can comfortably purchase tickets for Japan Weekend events in advance from your computer. In this section you will find all the necessary information about the procedures that the user must follow to buy a ticket for Japan Weekend, the terms and conditions, return policy, etc.

For all questions related to the management of the user's personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

The use of Japan Weekend Tickets attributes the condition of user and implies acceptance of the provisions included in these Purchase Conditions. The user declares that he has the necessary legal capacity to act and contract on the web in accordance with the conditions detailed below, which he declares to understand and accept. The user is responsible for providing your data correctly in the purchase processes established on the web, paying special attention to the introduction of payment and personal data.


· At Japan Weekend Tickets we sell tickets for all Japan Weekend events.

· When placing your order and entering your email you will receive on the one hand the confirmation of your order and on the other an email with the tickets in PDF format.

· Once your order is finished, you will have the tickets in your online store account.

· You can attend the event with the tickets in PDF format on your mobile device or printed.

· The purchases you make entail management costs per ticket, but all of them will be specified before the purchase process begins.

· Online payment will be made by credit/debit card or Bizum.

Children under 7 years of age (that is, with age less than or equal to 6 years) are exempt from paying admission as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


· Tickets purchased through Japan Weekend Tickets allow access to the event exclusively on the day and time indicated at the ticket or on the event website.

· An entry allows a single access. Depending on the venue and what has been announced, once the ticket has been exchanged, it will be possible to leave and re-enter the event, unless otherwise indicated. In the Madrid edition, you will not be able to leave Ifema and re-enter.

· The manga or film included in the "Anti-Crisis" and "Early Access" ticket will be collected within the event venue exclusively on the day of entry. If it is not picked up on the day indicated on the ticket, it will not be possible to claim.

· The advertised start times of the activities are subject to last-minute changes.

· Tickets are sold without prejudice to Japan Weekend's right to modify or vary the program due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, without being obliged to return amounts or change tickets.


· In no case will changes or refunds be made regarding the purchase of tickets through Japan Weekend Entradas, understanding as causes the errors derived from the purchase by the user or personal situations external to the event.

· If an incident occurred during the purchase or you have questions about how to proceed, please contact us. We will help you solve it.


· Personal plans, including travel, accommodation or benefits, in relation to the event that you have contracted on your own, are at your own risk. We do not assume any responsibility, and neither does the venue, for any loss of enjoyment or lost expense.

· Japan Weekend will only be responsible for damages caused to people or property when they are caused by its fault or negligence and are its responsibility by legal provision.

· Both you and the rest of the ticket holders consent to the recording of images and sound for being part of the public attending the event.

· The activities, including contests, concerts, etc. They may include special effects included, without this list being exhaustive, sound, audiovisual or lighting effects.